This page present the lectures that I attended at ENSIMAG (Bachelor and Master 1 and 2). I followed a double diploma in Grenoble France, by participating in MoSIG: Artificial Intelligence and the Web project. I did an ERASMUS exchange and wrote my Master Thesis at the Technische Universität of Darmstadt.

Master - Semester 1 (MoSIG AIW)

Financial Development (for companies)
Economy 1
Programming Language and Compiler Design
Principles of Operating Systems
Software Engineering
Algorithmic Problem Solving
Mathematics For Computer Science
Introduction to Visual Computing

Master - Semester 2 (ERASMUS TU Darmstadt)

Construction and Controls of Robotic Systems
ARP Mechatronic Systems in Mechanical Engineering
Game Theory
Statistical Machine Learning
Analyzing Software using Deep Learning
Deep Learning: Architecture and Methods
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Master - Semester 3 (MoSIG AIW)

Machine Learning Fundamentals
Advanced Algorithms for Machine Learning and Data Mining
Information Access and Retrieval
Natural Language and Speach Processing
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Multi Agent Sytem
Information Visualization
Semantic Web: from XML to OWL

Master - Semester 4 (Master Thesis at IAS TU Darmstadt)

During this last semester, I made my Master in IAS TU Darmstadt, look at this next page for more information: