Ciclop 3D scanner in perspectiv

3D Scanners

To complete with 3D printing, and in order to better understand the problem of computer vision, we have decided, with my girlfriend to create homemade 3D scanners. We want to do it incrementally, building first a simple one and playing around with it, before designing our personal 3D scanners, after having gathered some experience.

Ciclop 3D scanner

The first project that caught our attention is the Ciclop 3D scanner, developed by DIWO, and its software Horus. The project is indeed open-source. Plenty of packs were available on the web, but we decided to 3D print the parts ourselves and order the electronics separately.

Here are the parts that I ordered and 3D printed:

Parts of Ciclop 3D scanner

Here is the result after building it:

3d scanner Cyclop on Speaker   3d scanner Cyclop on Speaker

This project is still ongoing, updates will come soon