Game of Qarto

Quarto ♟

Quarto is a famous logic board game, where two players try to align 4 pawns that share one characteristic.

Every pawn has 4 characteristics:

  1. Color (Grey/White)
  2. Size (Tall/Small)
  3. Shape (Round/Square)
  4. Emptiness (Full/Empty)

The first players give his/her opponent one pawn that he chooses, the second places it wherever he/she wants.
Then the roles are exchanged, until a row of 4 pawn with a common characteristic is created by one player.


Here is the design, that you can download (FBX format):

I incorporated holes in the pawns and the plate, such that, if you want to 3D print it, you can stop the printer after the layers (saying you’d like to change the filament for example).
You can do that either by specifying this type of change in your slicer software (I use PrusaSclicer which embbeds this option), either by editing the GCODE.

Here is a video of the 3D printing Nerd explaining how to do it in details, otherwise, there are plenty of tutorials on the web, and you can see the transparent design in these photos:


Here is a photo of the final result, thanks to the magnets, the pawns come to stick nicely to the surface, that’s a trick that I like a lot!