Inmoov Robot background


Gael Langevin's project

One of the main possibilities that really motivated me to buy a 3D printer and to launch myself into this new world is the Inmoov Project. The french creator, Gaël Langevin (who gave a TED talk to share the story of his journey) has first created a 3D printable hand, that was modified by the community to give back hands to people that needed one. On top of his work was the E-NABLE project created, a wonderful initiative that allow young people to afford prosthesis, modify them, hack themselves.

The designer then decided to continue his work, adding a bicep, a shoulder, thus obtaining two arms (by simply mirroring the first one). He has now created a complete robot, with non-functional legs.

Inmoov TEDx image

A pause for competences acquirement

I won’t be detailing here how to construct the robot, you can refer to the Official website if you want to make one too. I’ll just share photo of the progression, that has been temporary stopped in order to build intermediate steps (e.g. Thor Robot), to to acquire the ability to improve the project after gathering some experience (integrating Inmoov into ROS, using more powerful motors).

I would also like to give him some functional legs, which was a motivation in the research project I have made on artificial legs. I think using hybrid legs incorporating wheels is the most energy efficient approach (as handles, Boston Dynamics’ robot is equipped with). There is an incredibly nice video of Dirty Biology on why don’t we observe will in Nature (with English and Spanish subtitles).

C3PO: my instance.

Here is the forearm, first part of inmoov that I have 3D printed and assemble. I share several photos, for you to understand the system used to open and close the fingers.

This system should be improved, as frictions prevent smooth movements. The motors are functional and can be connected to an Arduino to be controlled.

Inmoov arm standing closedMotors of inmoov armInmoov arm lying open insideInmoov arm standing openInmoov arm lying open